Flower Garden quilt

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Flower Garden (pictured above) was made because I love hand work and this quilt is pieced and appliqued by hand.
While I was waiting for hip surgery in 2012, I got to the stage where I couldn’t even sit at my sewing machine for more than a couple minutes so hand piecing and appliqueing this quilt was my sanity.
I gave it to my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas but they had to wait for six months because I wanted to enter it in Showcase. I am so excited because it was photographed hanging in show by Quiltmania magazine and is pictured in the latest issue.
It actually hung flat which was a miracle because I had put an extra apple core in one corner and it isn’t a perfect square!

Next is A Pieceful Garden which is one of my favorite quilts, not just because it is brown but for me it was a creative leap. I didn’t have enough of one brown fabric to do all the background and while I was “what iffing” I thought “I’ll just use different browns” and then I thought “what if I pieced the backgrounds”. While I was sewing I was just about hyperventilating because I was so happy with the effect I was achieving. It was a real “step outside the square” for me.

Country Album quiltAnd, last but certainly not least, Country Album was meant to  be a “baltimore meets country”.  I wanted to combine some really traditional Baltimore blocks with some country style pieced blocks and really just have a bit of fun


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