Needle Holders


Sorry for not posting for so long but life can send us many challenges at times. Health wise and family wise!

While I have been away from Blogland, I have not been idle. If I don’t do any sewing for more than a day, I actually get twitchy. I always have some hand sewing next to chair in the lounge room to make needle books or “huswifs” and I have just finished four with another three half done. I sell them in the shop for $10 and they are one of those impulse buys that my customers never seem to regret purchasing. I use up leftover scraps from what ever project I have been working on at any given time so they are always different.

To me it is one method of reducing the amount of scraps I have. However I could make several thousand and it probably wouldn’t make a lot of difference.
But I can still enjoy feeling virtuous for a while.

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