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Busy Days

Well, here we are in July 2018!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted, for a variety of reasons.

So much has happened. But, we’re still here……and I’m still stitching.  The shop is now well and truly behind me, but I couldn’t do without my stitching time. I continue to create new patterns, and I have been kept busy with guest appearances & visits to many different places and people. I’m still getting out and about on a regular basis, I feel blessed to have so many wonderful crafty people I count as my friends. And family! Well, we’ve had departures, returns, more departures planned…..and they keep me entertained with their to-ing and fro-ing. Charli is now 18 – how did that happen?

My patterns seem to be going through a resurgence, which is wonderful. I have so much information I want to share – and now I’ll have to post regularly in order to get some of that to you. I’ve been saving it up for a while, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Yours in stitches,



2 thoughts on “Busy Days”

  1. Finally found you again….I’m so addicted to your patterns and cannot get enough of them
    Am I able to contact you as I would love to purchase some more if available

    1. Hi Lynda, this is Marita – I’m helping Therese to get back online and actively blogging again, hopefully very soon! I sell her patterns on my website, https://www.keepquilting.com.au (and am also a huge fan!). Therese is still debating whether she will be selling online or will simply continue to sell through stores such as mine. Please keep checking back on this blog while I gently persuade her to start writing again – she has so much information in her head & I know she loves to share! In the meantime, if there are any of her patterns you don’t see on my site, just send me an email & I’ll contact Therese…I’m very lucky, as I only live a few minutes away from her & frequently pop in to pick up some patterns.
      Keep Quilting

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