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Hi, I am Therese Hylton. Welcome to my blog.

Patchwork and quilting is my passion.
This craft started as a hobby for me, then when I became a shop owner at Patchwork Pumpkin in Frankston, it became my profession. As a designer and teacher I continued to develop and extend my skills. I taught a beginners sampler for 20 years, and nothing gave me more satisfaction than witnessing those ‘light bulb’ moments when it all starts to make sense and a fledgling quilter finds her wings.
I’ve tried lots of other crafts, including folk art, ceramics, knitting, crochet etc., but I always come back to patchwork and quilting because it ticks all my creative boxes.
The process of stitching soothes my soul. It’s my passion – it’s impossible to watch TV at night without some sewing in my hands. I can’t imagine a day without some sort of stitching!

If you’re a beginner, my favourite piece of advise is this :

Never say never! Never is a very long time. Don’t be afraid to play, it’s only bits of fabric not life and death. Be open to trying new things because that is how we grow…eg I am very drawn to Modern Quilting at the moment which is a big step outside my comfort zone. The clean lines and shapes with lots of negative space for simple quilting is really appealing.

On a personal note, I married my darling husband in 1971. We have two children and one granddaughter. Since I retired we have done a bit of travelling but my husband has some health issues and once they are resolved we have a few more places in Australia we would like to see.

Yours in stitches..


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